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About CSI-Critter Solutions & Inspections 

CSI-Critter Solutions & Inspections is a local Greenville SC company.  
Owner Paul Lawrence talks about CSI-Critter Solutions & Inspections:  

"CSI-Critter Solutions & Inspections is my company and I take very seriously my responsibility to provide personal and professional care to each person who calls us."  

What makes CSI-Critter Solutions & Inspections different?  

"We live right here in the community we serve.  We are committed to providing our neighbors with expert care.  You won't get more personalized service, nor will you get better results from anybody else in the industry, I guarantee."  

"Our rates are reasonable, our quality is high.  Our standards, workmanship, and results are the best.  But more than that, we're neighbors helping neighbors."  

CSI-Critter Solutions & Inspections 

We pride ourselves on our warm, friendly, professionalism.  CSI-Critter Solutions & Inspections' employees are top-notch professionals who have a wealth of knowledge, depth of experience, and are driven to deliver quality service to our customers. 

Customers tell us that even their initial contact with us over the phone was a sweet surprise!  They're delighted by our pleasant, knowledgeable staff.  We frequently have customers thanking us for all the information they've learned, starting with that first conversation.  Every part of CSI-Critter Solutions & Inspections' experienced staff is focused on solving your critter problem.  

We are proud that our staff has decades of real-world knowledge, top-notch methods and best practices, and experience in the ways of the critters.  Hey, it's a jungle out there!  Do you have a question about nuisance wildlife or "critters?"  Give us a call!  864.246.7274 
Call CSI-Critter Solutions & Inspections at 864.246.7274 (that's 246-7CSI)
to schedule an inspection today!
For general information, email us at csi-critter@live.com
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